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In 1988, I had an incredible experience where I went to the “other side”, but didn't have to nearly die to get there and back. This was NOT a Near Death Experience, or a NDE, like all the other journeys I've read about. For almost a full year I had sought answers to my quest to understand where there was True Justice, as I could not seem to find it in the actions of humans, or in any religion I had looked into. There were partial answers that didn't fit ALL situations. I wanted to find Creator's Justice; Creator's Truth.

In response, I journeyed where no one that I've ever heard about has not gone before, at least not publicly. And I was shown answers to questions I had asked over my lifetime about our past, present, and future; questions people have been asking down through the ages. I've written many of them down. And I can answer most of the rest. Those answers I don't have, I can ask about. And I still get answers, to this day.


All I learned is to be shared at the appropriate time in our history.

And that time is NOW!


This is NOT reproduced data commonly available from other sources. These revelations are either brand new, reframed, reconnected, or largely unknown to most others, if not everyone.

So please don't think this is just a “rehash” of other articles or books you've read.

I've never heard of an experience anything like My Journey To The Other Side without near-death.


Would your life be any different if you KNEW that what was COMING has a lot to do with what has passed? How different would YOUR life be if you could DISCOVER answers to questions you thought could never be answered in your lifetime?

Questions about Creator, Heaven, Life, Disasters, Death, Angels, the Other Side, the AfterLife, Spirits, Ghosts, the Light and the Tunnel, the End Times, 2012, the Rapture, How Eternity Works, Near Death Experiences, and All Things Spiritual...

Questions that USED TO have NO answers...

Do you feel like you're missing some VITAL Knowledge that can help make more sense of this life and the events in it?

Have You Wanted To Find Answers...

WITHOUT having to go to the “OTHER SIDE” to get them?

Would you like to know those answers NOW?

Are you HAPPY with the way your life is going?

Are you living the life you've always DREAMED of?

Do you manage to have JOY and PEACE in your life even when there is such STRIFE in the world?

Can you feel that “something” coming that so many people are talking about, but you—and they—don't know what it is?

Many of us settle for a life we think of as “good enough” but not one that's really GREAT! The potential for great is in all of us, no matter what you were told as a kid. We are ALL Creator's kids, your parents just had temporary custodial rights. And along with those rights came the responsibility to teach us we are unstoppable when we do good.

We have believed there are frequently too many difficulties we can't understand, too many people angry at each other or not treating each other with respect, and too many people doing horrible things that it looks like they're getting away with it.

Many of us just seem to be too busy with surviving day-to-day to look for answers that just haven't shown up where we could see them.

At least they've never been there before!

You get up in the morning, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, watch tv, eat dinner, and go to bed. The next day, you do it all over again.

You're around people every day who simply don't care... who are just racing across the surface of a life without thinking in their pursuit of the material things they have been taught are what's important. The quest for “things” is almost like being a hamster on a wheel—running and running only to get nowhere you really want to be.

And if you're lucky, you may get to squeeze in a few hours with your family on the weekend.

Is that the kind of life you REALLY want to live?

Me neither!

That's why I believe that, if you've read this far, you'll be very excited to hear about the incredible information I'm going to share with you...

... much of which has not been available to anyone before.


My name is Bonnie W Kaye, and I am the author of a book called “My Journey To The Other Side” about an awesome experience I had in 1988 where I left this level of existence to VISIT the “OTHER SIDE” of life, where people go when they die or have a Near Death Experience, or NDE...


And I've NEVER heard of another experience like it!

Since I didn't have to “nearly die” to get there, I was able to journey FAR past where others must stop and return. I was shown incredible things that I have agreed to share with the people of the planet NOW. It's time.

Because of my intense and focused QUEST to find Justice on this planet where there just seemed to be so many inequities and unfairness, when I FELT certain that a Creator who TRULY loved us would be innately FAIR in His DEALINGS with us, I was INVITED to the Other Side, drawn by the Light spiritually out of my body to see how things REALLY work.

And we've been misled in a number of key areas.

I was shown where JUSTICE can be found, and HOW the MASTER PLAN has been laid out for ALL of us—no matter race, religion—or lack of it—color, culture, abilities—or lack thereof, or any prejudices that may have been instilled within us at any time. And SO much more!


I was given or shown answers to questions humans have been asking since the dawn of time, like...


Why are we here?

What is our purpose here?

Is there life after death?

How do we get to Heaven?

How is it determined where in Heaven we go to?

Is there more than one Heaven?

How does Eternity work?

Do we have more than one life?

What is that Light? What is that Tunnel? How and Why do they work?

What is it like to Die?

Whom do you meet in Heaven?

Are there REALLY what people call Angels?

If there are Angels, WHY can't we SEE them?

Are there negative as well as positive Angels?

If someone does something “bad”, will they get away with it?

Is there Love after Death?

Will the end of the world REALLY be in 2012? Is that the “end of days” or the “last days”?

What will happen to us?

Is what the Christians call the “rapture" real?

Who will be affected by the rapture? Who will be included and who will be excluded?

How can we improve our life—for here and the hereafter?

Can we protect ourselves from negativity—here AND from the Other Side?

I have had people tell me my book answered ALL the questions they have ever asked about life. Maybe your answers are there. And everyone has different questions.

When I went to the OTHER SIDE,

it was not just a wonderful EXPERIENCE,

it was also an incredible EDUCATION!


Want to know MORE NOW?

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I was EVEN shown how the UNIVERSE works, how GALAXIES are really created, and how ETERNITY was deliberately and carefully laid out to perpetuate itself forever. (Hint: Creator is the ORIGINAL and DEFINITIVE recycler.)

In one magnificent moment, everything made sense to me.

I WATCHED people leave this life and go through the Tunnel with the Light at the end to be greeted by loved ones on the Other Side. This transition experience is NOT the ramblings of an oxygen-deprived dying brain, as some “authorities” would have you believe.


I repeat... I did NOT have to almost die to get there! It was more like an out-of-body journey.

When someone dies, goes through the Tunnel, and sees the Light, only to RETURN, they can only relate what they personally experienced. That means they ONLY experience ONE level of transitional existence.

HOWEVER, I was specifically taken to the SPIRITUAL side to get information about MANY levels of existence to share with people around the WORLD who want to know WHAT incredible events are COMING, and HOW to find PEACE within it all. That which was revealed to me is so I can offer others help in how to get PAST their FEAR and learn to Live in LOVE!

There is nothing to fear!

That would have sounded so trite and phony earlier in my life, but I have had an incredible opportunity to find out TRUTH that applies to everyone—of any age!

And I'm referring to a continuing fear, not a momentary one.

There was a REASON why the youth of the SIXTIES (Baby-Boomers now) were called the PEACE Generation! Their attitudes changed the world—and our perception of the material world AND the SPIRITUAL world. They have changed everything they've touched. And the TRUTH is...

There Really IS HOPE!


But it WON'T Look that way—


There are a multitude of reasons why all this important knowledge has been offered to you at this time, most importantly:

If you've come this far,




Please don't remain in the dark. Open up to this life-changing information—from Creator—from the Light—from the Angels.

It doesn't matter what your religious beliefs are, just translate my words into words you are comfortable with, words used in your belief system that mean the same.

Make decisions from a POSITIVE position of KNOWING.

And this entire offering of information—the book, articles, videos, audios, seminars, and EVERYTHING else—is designed to help YOU make correct choices for where you want to be, so you can find peace in the intense turmoil of our future!

One interested reader wrote of the book:

This book may well be the most important book I have read in the past twenty years.

A wonderful journey for those who need to awaken!

Thoughtful and delightful!

If you have ever thought you would like to visit the tunnel to the “other side” then read Kaye's story. As you read it, you can't help but change the way in which you see the world. It will change how you see those you love, those you interact with and those you don't like.

No matter who you are you will lose your fear and find your connection to the Creator in an amazing enchanted world that is yours for the asking.

Easy and a quick read with dramatic results.

PJ in Texas

Another reader says:

Inspiring, easy read. The author answered many of my questions and I almost felt as if I was on her journey with her.

Claire B. in Texas

In another example of an excited reader, a man from California told me that since he was a CHILD of about ten years old, he had wanted to know the ANSWERS to NINE QUESTIONS he had about HEAVEN, GOD, and RELIGION. He had asked every person he encountered throughout his life who had either position or knowledge in any religion and, without fail, NONE of them could even answer one of his questions to his satisfaction.

Then he read my book, My Journey To The Other Side, and he told me EVERY ONE of his nine critical questions had been answered COMPLETELY.

Others who read it repeatedly have told me that they gained more and more information each time they read it!

I've had some readers state they couldn't put it down. They wanted to know what was going to come next—and it was always a surprise. It's an incredible experience for the reader.

It's not like anything else you've ever read.

How would YOUR life CHANGE if you had answers to all those questions you thought could never be answered in your lifetime?

How different would YOUR life be if you could ask Creator questions, and then be able to TRUST the answers you get... because they were NOT answers tainted by man's interpretation of Creator's intention?

I've been in the EXACT same spot you're in right now...

I wanted to know and didn't know where to look.

So I released everything I had been taught since childhood

and told Creator I wanted to know ...



I knew from experience that I couldn't trust other humans to give me correct answers to some of my most important questions—about life, and what, exactly, and I doing here at this time in history. Each answer was tainted or prejudiced in some direction or another.


That's why, many years ago, I decided to have a conversation with Creator and my “Angels” and turn my life, and its direction, over to Them. I told Father that I would go wherever He wanted me to go, and I'd do whatever He wanted me to do. I KNEW I hadn't done such a good of making the choices that moved me along whatever path I thought I was supposed to pursue to help the people I felt I was somehow to help. I was unhappy with myself, and I knew I needed to change.

At first that decision was a difficult one. I agonized over taking such a huge step for several months. But once the choice was made, and the conversation completed, I've never been sorry for it. I am blessed so very much each and every day.

You don't have to turn your whole life over to Creator like I did, but NOW—with this vital information—you can make more informed choices.

Then keep up to date with new releases of information periodically via my (future) opt-in newsletter and notifications about the publication of new eArticles and eBooks, along with audios and videos and webinars. I've only STARTED to reveal all the information available to me.


What an exciting day and time this is!

There REALLY IS “something” coming, and I'm here to help you understand it. My purpose is to help you eliminate fear of what approaches so you can create and maintain your own direct connection with Creator during the stress-filled times to come.

Before and even after December 21, 2012.

Learn how to receive your information straight from Positive Sources whom you can Trust—Creator, and his Angels (who work ONLY for your benefit at the will of that Creator).

These are important days. In order to be at the right place at the right time—and even more importantly NOT at the wrong place at the wrong time—learn to make that connection so you can access your Trusted Source instantaneously... and TRUST it Completely.

“With a bit of help, anyone can choose to be informed about what is REALLY going on around us...

Where society is going...

What we can do to help ourselves and our loved ones...

… ALL without having to live in FEAR!”

The Author


I wish that during my own years of uncertainty I had known the SECRETS you're about to learn today.

Instead, I had to search out these secrets slowly over time through a “trial and error” process. I didn't have anyone around to show me what worked and what didn't. I tested every advancement and understanding in my own life before ever getting far enough to have my experience on the Other Side in 1988. I believe it was because I constantly sought CREATOR'S GUIDANCE, I was blessed with encountering incredible teachers in each phase of my education.

I did not seek to advance my knowledge through the information of man, but through a direct connection with Creator. I released every one of my learned prejudices, and THEN I approached HIM.

Now I can share this unique information with you!

This is NOT reproduced data commonly available from other sources. These revelations are either brand new, reframed, reconnected, or largely unknown to most others, if not everyone.

So please don't think this is just another “rehash” of other articles or books you've read.

I've never heard of an experience anything like my journey to the Other Side without near-death.

And when I reached the highest level of “Heaven” I was able to access while still having a living body on this level of existence, I saw that the spiritual beings there were waiting for me. I had been told NOT to move, and They were already looking directly at me as I arrived. I believe they KNEW I was coming. I felt as if no one from this physical level had ever been to that level before.

We have an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT event in our near future, and I truly believe that is WHY all these things have happened to me, and why it is NOW time to reveal what I know.


My intention is to hold nothing back...

And I have a LOT of information for you!

This is just the beginning.


My initial goal is to start you with what is needed to help you improve your life existence NOW!


And the FIRST step to improvement is UNDERSTANDING what is actually happening all around you. I believe that if you know TRUTH, and you have learned how to connect DIRECTLY with Creator and your Angels, then you are more able to handle anything and everything LIFE throws at you... or offers you.

But YOU don't have to go through an extensive and lengthy process to gain this knowledge—I've already completed many years of that groundwork for you!

AM I saying that if you gain this knowledge and follow the strategies I'm about to share with you that all of your woes and stresses will be solved overnight? Will your life or job situation improve instantly?

No, of course not.

There is NO magic pill for becoming free from worry and stress overnight.

But what I am saying is that it's not unusual if only a short time after people start putting this advanced knowledge to work, they begin to see their lives and the lived of loved ones they affect change for the better. And later, the changes become a steady stream of improvements, and eventually a flood of incredible opportunities.

We all need to take actions to raise our spiritual level of living NOW to be able to better handle everything in our future. Trust me, you'll want to be on firm and positive ground to be able to remain strong as the situations on our planet intensify.


Please Pay CLOSE Attention: my Angels, under Creator's direction, are NEVER wrong..

Sometimes I may misinterpret what they show me, but THEY are never wrong


And They say the TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW!

That is why I've decided to make my personal life-changing journey available to you in a special eBook version of My Journey To The Other Side that you can download in the next five minutes!


This book is NON-FICTION.

It happened!

To me!


My relationship with Creator is FAR more valuable to me than anything else on earth, and I will not deceive anyone to gain the riches of man to lose my position with Him.

This was my experience. This is TRUTH.


I'm exasperated when I see everyone being offered slightly different versions of the same information over and over again—speculation about the realities of Heaven or the Other Side or the AfterLife.

However, there are some new pieces of information out there. And that's always a good thing.

But my knowledge comes from a completely different experience than has EVER been revealed before.

There is virtually NO prior knowledge or experience in spiritual things necessary before you are able to grasp the benefits of being more informed.

And the best things about all of this are...

You don't need to be familiar with any particular religion or spiritual position—this information is meant for people of all faiths, or even lack of faith.

This is spiritual information, not religious doctrine. It comes from Father/God/Creator and is meant for everyone on the planet.

You can be almost any age to read this book.

All the information available on my website applies to every individual on the planet who seeks it out.

It doesn't require a huge investment to get started—just take it one step at a time, but KEEP TAKING steps.

What is learned can be applied in virtually all aspects of life and relationships.

And better still, one of the most important reasons people are in love with this way of looking at life is because you get to make changes and improvements in your life as YOU are ready for them.

Find out about these opportunities now. Then implement them as your life opens up to them. But don't take too long. These events are ALREADY IN MOTION!


Whether it's...

Negative people you have to deal with occasionally or daily



Being able to discern lies from truth

An attitude of “What's the use?”

Fear of living

Fear of death or dying

Fear of events in the future


Trauma, physical or emotional

or the loss of someone close to you...

...it doesn't matter.

I've written about all those situations—and more—and the answers are waiting for you at the click of a button.


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Discover EXACTLY what you need to know...

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Once you download your copy of my exclusive eBook, “My Journey To The Other Side” you can start learning exactly what you need to know about...

How this life actually works,

How you can function on a higher level than ever before, and...

How you can help others do the same!


Here is some of what is covered in the eBook and in other available eArticles...


1. How each person's place in Heaven is actually determined, and who makes that possible...

2. How all the galaxies in the Universe were, are, and will be created... and perpetuated throughout eternity...

3. What happens to the “bad” guys?

4. Do the “bad” guys really get away with anything?

5. Is a “spiritual” life even important any more?

6. Does all the good we do in our life outweigh and cancel out the bad we've done?

7. What is this big deal being made about what's coming up in our future?

And SO much more!


You can learn in detail EXACTLY how each of these beneficial emotional strategies work, and the step-by-step plan for you to follow to make these new attitudes and beliefs work FOR YOU!

But that's not all...

...because the resources offered on this website can ALSO help answer YOUR questions, and help you resolve your doubts, concerns, and/or need-to-know about those things that used to be considered SECRETS in CREATOR's world.

There's an incredible amount of information available in the eArticles that has never been revealed to the public before.

Not only will you discover everything you need to know about opportunities to improve your life in ways that matter most spiritually, you'll discover what it takes to place yourself and your family in the best position for the events which will determine our future here. In this day and time where violence and apparent injustice are running rampant throughout the planet, find out why everything is actually working according to Creator's plan.

You'll learn how to...

Identify and find the best actions to take to improve your life.

Realize how to use the knowledge you ALREADY have and just don't realize it! You'll be amazed, shocked, and astounded at how simple this information is.

Avoid the #1 mistake made by 90% of those seeking peace and prosperity in their lives and not finding it, so you can maximize the success of your quest for a better life!

Discover how ANYONE can use this STARTLING new information to open up their lives to what Agreements they have with Creator so they can fulfill their promises to Him as well as their destiny on the planet!

Decide to make the RIGHT decisions for yourself now, and take action based upon knowledge that's available to you on a daily basis—before you wait another day—using simple information on how to take the necessary actions you can learn to use for yourself!

Brainstorm with the help of those who have YOUR best interests at heart 100% of the time...

… And you'll also learn the #1 most reliable thing you can do to insure that when you leave this life, you'll be able to look back in JOY with SATISFACTION at a Job Well Done!


This information is GUARANTEED to be a Life-Changing event for anyone who participates!

And... in addition to the book, which retails for $19.95 in the printed version on http://Amazon.com, I've decided to offer you the following BONUS ITEMS as well. The eArticles listed below have a value of over $75, but they're yours FREE when you choose to download my book.

Protect Yourself From Negativity


The Light of God

What Is Spirit?


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“You literally have NOTHING to lose!”

All I ask is that you open your mind and your heart to receive these WONDERFUL insights.

This total information package is an offering to you from a Creator who CARES and wants the best for YOU!

I am just the Messenger.

The words I used are based upon MY education, so I ask that any words that don't fit into your religious beliefs, thought patterns, or education can be converted to words familiar to you and your philosophy that have the same or a similar meaning. Use a thesaurus if necessary.

Much of what I have received has been in the form of pictures, so I describe what I was shown as well as I can. Pictures, like paintings, are universal in nature and need no language to describe them. But each person looking at a picture will describe it quite differently. But even with all the descriptions in the world brought together, the original painting cannot be duplicated without the new painter seeing it for themselves.

When you fully grasp that there is so very much more going on in the Universe than you ever conceived of, the patterns and processes of your life become more understandable.

LOOK for ways within the spirit of the offering

to allow the peace to enter and become a permanent part of your life...

You won't regret that decision!


You're invited to take this first step and claim your copy of my eBook and any of the eArticles that interest you. t so you can learn how to raise your spiritual level to unprecedented heights.


PLEASE READ THE BOOK FIRST so you will be able to understand the rest of the information.

Easily the most important of the eArticles is “Protect Yourself From Negativity”. Many people feel far too vulnerable to the negatives of life to open themselves enough to reach out to grow closer to Creator. This information changes all that. I have used it for many years and teach it frequently. It works. There is a video of this process on the "Videos" button above.

“My Journey To The Other Side” is about my adventure on the Other Side in 1988, including a history of what happened to trigger this incredible experience. It's NOT like any other event you may think you've ever heard of or read about!


There's NOTHING out there like this!

Other eArticles offered on my website are about many of the incredible things I learned at that time or since then. Some of those articles PRESUME you have already the book, so you should go through the “Protect Yourself From Negativity” exercise, then go directly to the book before you read the rest of the information. Some words I use have slightly different definitions than what is generally accepted. And there is information revealed in the book that can be found nowhere else.

You've never seen anything like it before.

It's that simple.

And I hope these words have piqued your curiosity, because you don't know what you don't know. And it's time to find out.

“Get started changing your life in the next five minutes...”

The choice is yours. There IS critical information you're missing that will enable you to make educated choices for you and your family. You either want to find out all you can to position yourself in a good place for what is coming in our future... or you don't.

If you don't, then I genuinely wish you good luck with whatever it is that you choose to do.

But if you DO, then fasten your seat belt...

Because the time to prepare is NOW!

If you're serious about making progress, then you really only have one choice... CLICK HERE and order your digital copy of the “My Journey To The Other Side” eBook and additional eArticles. Print copies of the book are available on http://amazon.com, but at this time there is NO other source for MUCH of the information in the information on this site.

You've literally got NOTHING to lose―and the possibility of incredible benefits to gain.



This offer is not available anywhere else.


Time is running out!