Leaving This Life Behind

by Bonnie W Kaye

Copyright 2008 by Bonnie W Kaye

Permission Granted to Share Freely-BWK

(Note: This article may be read to a person who is unconscious or in a coma as well as to anyone who is awake to hear.)


If you or someone you love, or even someone you know—perhaps a person you work with—is preparing to leave this plane of existence, then there are a few items of information I believe it would benefit you and them to know.


First, and most importantly, there is absolutely nothing to fear.

The next major thing you need to know is that people who have loved you and been around you, and even those Angelic beings whom you do not know, but who have been around you constantly, will be there to greet you when you leave here.

Where you will wind up when you leave here will be based almost exclusively upon how your energy has developed while you were here—what choices you have made. If you have become a nicer, more positive person as you have grown—and you have understood things, and forgiven people, and not done harm, committed no aggressive acts—then where you can expect to go when you leave here will be a place that’s on a higher level than this, energy-wise. The love there, the energy vibrations, is absolutely precious.

If you are someone who has been negative or hurtful to people, then I would ask you to please, if there is an opportunity before you leave here, even on a subconscious level, bring those people whom you have hurt before you physically, spiritually, or in any other mental way you can, and allow them their release. Forgive yourself for hurting them, forgive them for hurting you, and for allowing themselves to be the recipient of your harm. Forgive them for not completely teaching you the lesson—on a spiritual level—that this behavior on your part was unacceptable. But do not predicate the one with the other. There should be no conditions to your forgiveness of them. This includes family members.

If there is anyone in your family whom you have difficulty with, have argued with, have had anger with, I strongly suggest you straighten these situations out. It is not because of the situation between the two of you, it is because of the vibrational change that anger causes within your body, within your spirit. Negative emotions of any kind lower the level at which your spirit may vibrate. That’s energy, and that energy determines where you wind up when you leave this level of life, this portion of your eternal existence.

Energy is throughout the universe. It is that which is consistent everywhere. Molecules are inside of your body, in the air, in the water you drink, in the food you eat, in other people, in trees, rocks, clouds, out in space, between planets, between galaxies—it’s everywhere.

Everything—all forms of life, and even those things you might consider as having no life—everything has energy. And all energy is in motion. Thus all energy vibrates. It doesn’t necessarily move from place to place, because you know that your fingernails have always been at the end of your fingers. They haven’t moved to your nose, and they haven’t gravitated up your arm to your elbow. But they are in constant motion microscopically.

So the energy is something that, in many cases is programmed to stay put. But still, it’s energy. And this energy, when it works between people, is very dynamic. This is where mob mentality comes in. If you’re standing in the middle of a mob of people who have an evil intent, or are very angry, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to maintain a good, positive, happy, upbeat persona amidst all this anger. All of that anger in a mob can pull down and make even the happiest person miserable enough to want to inflict whatever that mob is planning to do on someone else. People who, by themselves, would never loot a store or burn down a building or attempt to kill someone else, will do so in an intense group setting. Their own energy is overpowered. Extreme quantities of negativity will overpower your singular positive presence.

That is how dynamic the collective energy is.

So my suggestion to you is—for your peace of mind—if it’s possible for you to write letters or to speak with those people you need to repair a relationship with to bring a peace into each of your lives, please do so. It is truly important.

If these people have already left this plane of existence, and are no longer here, or are not available to you physically, but are still alive here, then I would suggest that you mentally bring them into a chair in the room with you and speak to them as though they are there, as though they are real in your presence. When you call their name out loud, and ask for them to be with you, their spirit will be there. And if they have already passed from this life, then when they return to visit with you, their spiritual essence will be non-judgmental. It is one of the things that does not go with us—the ability to pass judgment.

Clear up any difficulties you may have had with each other. Talk things over with them. And don’t forget to listen to them, for you will get impressions of their responses to you. Accept what you hear, even if you believe it is only your imagination. Ask for their forgiveness, and give them your forgiveness. That’s the point of this whole exercise. And it is truly important.

So please take this opportunity to clear up anything you feel is necessary with anyone, anywhere on the planet, even if it was a child you remember pushing down on the playground in first grade recess, but you don’t remember their name. Recall the incident, ask for their presence, then ask for forgiveness. Don’t forget to forgive them, too. That helps them progress. Then bless each person as you release them to their own way.

When you ask for forgiveness for those things you cannot remember, that’s when Creator’s forgiveness kicks in.

I would like to tell you about the process of life so you can understand more readily the process of leaving it.

Your spirit has existed since far before the creation of this planetary system, and will exist long after this planet has become dust and the molecules of this earth go on to form other planets in other solar systems.

Your spirit is consistent. It is almost as if coming here to this earth plane is a vacation. It is, however, a very difficult vacation from the perspective of spirit. This is a hard place to be. It is not easy. And many, many, many spirits choose not to come here because it is so very tough.

This journey is complicated even more because of the presence of negativity all around us, which gives off negative "vibes" and causes us to forget our true spiritual home and all its teachings.

So you can congratulate yourself that you have succeeded in a very, very courageous journey.

It is almost like your spirit is outside, in the open air. It has the opportunity to go anywhere, to see anything, to journey to the far reaches of the universe at will. But your spirit decides—for reasons of progression, for reasons of the ability to learn in the physical—that it wants to come here and learn these lessons. So the spirit, which was capable of going anywhere, decides it wants to go inside this particular building and stay there for a while. (I’m using the building here as a metaphor to describe the body.) It’s a nice building—it could be short, or small, or large, or with a lot of windows, or green, or purple, or any kind of a building—but this building is restrictive. As long as the spirit is inside this building, the walls restrict what the spirit can do. So the spirit can only walk over to the walls, it can’t walk through them anymore like it could before because it’s chosen to allow itself to be restricted. But it can go into any room in this building or it can stay in the same room, and it can sit in a corner, and it can choose not to participate in the activity possible in this building. It can even choose to participate in what’s going on outside the house—or not.

In some cases you have situations occur where part of the house is rendered incapable of fulfilling its normal function. Let’s say there is a garden room that, for whatever reason, has broken windows. Because the weather can come in at will, that room is no longer capable of sustaining the growth of beautiful plants. Then that room would be shut off. It would be similar to someone who has come to this existence with the full use of their body and has lost a portion of use or all of the use of it. This could be through illness or accident.

There are even people who can simply decide, consciously or subconsciously, to lose one of their senses. An example of this would be hysterical blindness. A person who has seen something that has traumatized their mind so much that they choose not to see anything else.

When something like this occurs, the infirmity of the body here does not translate, and does not go with you when you leave this plane of existence. If you are completely unable to move your body here, when you leave here, you will be free of that restriction. The physical here does not affect the physicality of the spiritual after you leave here because the spirit is no longer physical.

The journey of the person who had the infirmity or problem where something malfunctioned from the optimal—that journey has been different from that which would have happened had this person been in complete health. But nothing that happens here can make the path taken here wrong. It was right for all the events of that person’s life, no matter how short or long, easy or difficult. Everything is in right order according to the progression Creator observes.

Because that journey is different, so the journey of everyone around them is different. There is more opportunity for growth when difficult circumstances are met and overcome. Such a situation affects everyone around that person in a multitude of ways—positive and negative. Some grow stronger, some move away, some step up to the plate and swing through, some leave the park because they cannot handle the pressure.

It is never up to us to pass any kind of judgment on anyone. Each simply has their own path to walk. We are not to judge that path. We are simply the observers. Bless them all, no matter what your position in this stage play, and send them on their way. If they have helped you see something about yourself, bless them. If they have been a hindrance to you in every way imaginable, bless them. You have learned something from them. Now let them go. Don’t give your energy away to them. If all the world is a stage, then shed the "clothing" of the part you played while on that stage and allow them the ability to shed the remnants of their own difficult part. Don’t let them influence how you feel about life for another moment.

If you harbor any anger or hurt that you really have difficulty getting rid of, please seek out one of the meditation audios about "Forgiving Who Hurt You Most." Hopefully that will help you to release those emotions attached to them, or at least take it to a tolerable level. The object is to forgive everyone of everything. This is your stage play, release all the other actors after their part has been played. Don’t hold on to any resentments or angers. This is important.

You are absolutely, without question or condition, loved by Creator. No matter whom you have been during your life, or what you’ve done.

I have been where you will go. I don’t care what energy level you might go to—high or low—I have been there. I have seen it, I have experienced it, and I tell you, it’s wonderful. Even the lower levels still give you the opportunity to improve your chosen distance from Creator.

If you can possibly straighten negative things out in your life, trust me, you want to do so here and now. There are levels below this level of existence that are desolate, and that’s probably a mild term. But even the spirits who wind up on those levels always have the opportunity to raise themselves out of that level. It’s a choice. It’s always a choice.

Now on to more pleasant things. Each of you have a number of Angels around you at this moment. All of them, no matter their function, love you unconditionally and completely without any kind of judgment. If you tell them you want to hear them, they will do their best to counsel you at this time in your life. Letting go of negativity helps you hear them easier. And quiet helps, too.

There are different types of Angels. There are what I call "Attending Angels" and "Guiding Angels" and they’re kind of in the same group so far as I’m concerned. They’re the ones who attend and guide me. From my perspective, I have four attending Angels. These attending Angels will never leave me in this lifetime. They’ve been with me since I came into this body; they’ll greet me when I leave.

The guiding Angels are part of the same group that I see, but they tend to come and go. My father was one of these guiding Angels for a number of years, but he moved on some years back.

I have different guiding Angels for different purposes. At the moment this is being created, I have three guiding Angels in addition to the four attending Angels. One of the guiding Angels is with me specifically to help in the development of the My Journey To The Other Side program, to kind of monitor me, to make sure I do things properly.

To my knowledge, each of us also has a "Guardian Angel." These Angels have extraordinary powers, but they are, I believe, only really called in on the most drastic of situations. But they are always monitoring you—always.

And then we have what I call an "accompanying spirit." This is like a shadow, except it’s not dark. It is like a spirit that is not exactly the spirit we normally speak of when we talk of "your" spirit (which is the essence of you, that which makes you the person you are, that which is eternal), but it is this end of a direct specific connection with Creator. And when I said that the spirits on the lower levels always have an opportunity to raise themselves out of those levels, it is because of this accompanying spirit, which almost never has to show itself. It simply is there to hold your energy in place, to hold the life in your body. When you leave this life, this accompanying spirit will leave as part of your spiritual existence, at the same time and joined as one with your spirit.

If you are in a situation where you have a normal life and your spirit leaves your body temporarily (for instance, when I left this plane of existence to go to higher and lower planes as described in my book, "My Journey To The Other Side"), that which remains behind, which keeps the life functioning in your body that you are irrevocably connected to while you are here—that accompanying spirit holds your place in your living body. It keeps your body alive so you can journey and return. It keeps your autonomic nervous system and organs functioning just as normal. It monitors your body as well, and is connected to your spirit by a cord, mostly perceived as a silver cord, so if you need to return to your body instantly, for any reason, that is easily understood and accomplished.

You can leave your body in meditation and come back, or leave your body at night and return—real journeys of the spirit, not just dreams. The energy of your body is safe with this accompanying spirit.

When I say there is nothing to fear about leaving this plane of existence, I am completely honest. People who have loved you are on the "other side," at the other end of the "tunnel," waiting to greet you. They’re there to take care of you, they’re there to help you to understand and remember where you are and what your new capabilities are and how to function on that level of existence. It’s just like if you went on a trip to Italy and expected all of your favorite relatives to be waiting for you at the port of entry so they can show you around. They already have a villa set up, they’ve already got it decorated the way you want, your favorite foods are in the refrigerator, your car is already in the garage—everything is as you like it. They already know the ropes, and they’re there because they love you. Each of them is hoping you don’t leave this life with anger in your heart, with forgiveness left incomplete, and mostly they don’t want you to leave here in fear. There is nothing to fear. To journey to the other side is a joy!

It is peace and love that you seek. It is the ability to leave here and feel good. If you have relatives or friends who are asking you to stay here with them, and you know it is time for you to go, please bless them, ask them not to be afraid, and tell them to release you if you can. It is their selfishness and fear that keeps them from releasing you to a much better place than here. I believe they would come to terms with your leaving now and being missed in their lives if they only understood this is a temporary condition, and they will see you again soon. And not only that, but you can be there to greet them, as well. It will only be a moment, for on the other side, in eternity, there is no such thing as time. If your grandchild is now four years old, and does not leave here until they are 95, it will only be a moment to you.

Positive and negative are of this plane of existence, they do not co-mingle on other planes higher or lower than this. Vibrational levels lower than this earthly level are "degrees" of negative only. Levels higher than this only vibrate at degrees of positive. High and low, black and white, good and bad, and all the other opposites like them are only here. At higher levels, we can choose which degree of "good" we want to participate in.

Decisions of whether to take the good or bad action are not even "available" to us. That is one of the reasons why this level was created—so we would be completely free to choose our distance from Creator ourselves, without interference or restriction. And from the point you leave this plane of existence and rediscover other planes, your journey for the rest of your existence in eternity will be your choice. Realize the full and complete meaning of that.

Everything is now, and always has been your choice. Because of this, I sincerely hope you will choose to forgive everyone of everything in your life. Let them be released to their own path and stop them from interfering with your path. It is your choice and ability, even if you are currently in a state of unconsciousness, to hear this and take action on it. Your spirit always knows what to do.

You have learned so many things here that you can relate to, that you can translate to others.

The difficulty here is with the language. Because we don’t see these things normally, because they are not part of our existence, we have never created words for much of the things I have seen that are so magnificent as to boggle the mind. They are awesome! The answer to every question you’ve ever wanted to ask in your life is at your fingertips.

I pray for you, and I ask Creator and the Angels to be with you now, to make themselves known to you when you are open to them, and I bless you and those who are with you, and those who are waiting for you. I know your journey, and I envy you because I did not want to come back. But I made an agreement because you need to know these things I’m telling you now. You are loved unconditionally, no matter what you have done in this life. There is no judgment. You are loved.

I wish you love and light and a most wonderful passage.

You will be greeted by those who loved you and you will be able to greet those you love when they come.